Creating our future: Strategies for success

How can we have an active voice in public debates and at elections? Save Our Services has been learning from the efforts of others during the recent Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian state elections. One conclusion is clear - while the tide of public opinion is against privatisation and service cuts, that isn't enough to create a fairer future that includes everyone. 


Meredith Hammat, Save Our Services spokesperson and Secretary, UnionsWA.

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A Future of Opportunities: The Full Story

Watch our video on how increasing fees to training opportunities at TAFE as well as cutting courses will impact our community...

The fight for our rights


"As a young person I worked in jobs where I was harassed, underpaid and shown little respect.

"Rather than put up with it or walk away, like many others, I chose to join my union to create a fairer workplace and a better community. 

"Today I see the Abbott Government trying to cut penalty rates, use more temporary overseas labour, let the big banks raid our superannuation and lock unions out of workplaces. 

"We won’t put up with that. We are going to fight for our rights."  

Meredith Hammat, Spokesperson, Save Our Services

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Rethink needed

Hammat_constructionserious1approved.jpgWe all know that mining royalties have fallen sharply. But did you know that the real impact of Federal grants is much more significant than has been reported? What will the future impact of public asset sales and privatisation be? 

A new BIS Shrapnel analysis of the recently released Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement (MYFPS) 2014-15 shows a WA budget in disarray and points to economic and financial policies that require an urgent rethink. 

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Privatisation campaign launch

Following the rejection of public asset sales and privatisations through the recent Queensland election, UnionsWA has launched a new Save Our Services anti-privatisation campaign.

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Federal report reveals WA is failing aboriginal students

SSTU_logo.pngUWA-SOSlogo-stack(RGB).jpgUnited_voice_logo.jpgThe latest Report on Government Services reveals Aboriginal students in WA have the lowest outcomes in literacy and numeracy of any state in the nation.

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Consider many workers who pay penalties, too

kids_and_fun_2.jpgHow we tell our story and whom we treat as heroes says a lot about what we think of ourselves.

Rather than knighting Prince Phillip, I’m proud we’ve awarded Rosie Batty as Australian of the Year.  It shows that we are able to honour those who champion solutions for social ills such as domestic violence and poor mental health.

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TAFE Campaign Launch


Save Our Services, a group led by UnionsWA on behalf of public sector unions and community members, has today launched the first phase in a new campaign opposing TAFE fee increases, course reductions and funding cuts.  An online video, advertising and targeting of emails to MPs will feature strongly in the lead-up to the Mid-Year Financial Statement due shortly and rumoured to include further funding cuts and cost increases.

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Living Standards Survey

UPDATED: Give these kids a break Barnett: Don't discriminate against charities

Is it OK for the richest business lobby group in the state to get a $66 million charity tax break under Barnett but when workers want to donate through their union charity to feed hungry indigenous children in the Kimberley, that's unlawful?  Can you share and sign our petition here?

UPDATED 24/11/2014: We’d like to thank you for your support with this petition and update you on the status of the legislation; a Parliamentary Committee Report, based on submissions from UnionsWA among others, has been released.


Steve McCartney and fellow Australian Manufacturing Worker’s Union member volunteering for Feed the Little Children in the Kimberley.
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