The fight for our rights


"As a young person I worked in jobs where I was harassed, underpaid and shown little respect.

"Rather than put up with it or walk away, like many others, I chose to join my union to create a fairer workplace and a better community. 

"Today I see the Abbott Government trying to cut penalty rates, use more temporary overseas labour, let the big banks raid our superannuation and lock unions out of workplaces. 

"We won’t put up with that. We are going to fight for our rights."  

Meredith Hammat, Spokesperson, Save Our Services


The challenge to our rights is on many fronts - threats to our public services through privatisation and funding cuts, removing affordable access to education through exorbitant fee increases and on the employment front, the push to cut penalty rates. Big business wants to create more loopholes to exploit temporary overseas workers, big banks want to get their hands on our superannuation.

Now is the time to take action.

Please support the cause by attending the Fight for our Rights Rally being held at 12:30 pm, Wednesday 4 March at Parliament House, Harvest Tce., West Perth. You can rsvp here and spread the word that we need people to show that they are willing to fight for what's important.



Wednesday 4 March 2015


12:30pm - 1:30pm


Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, West Perth


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