"Can do better": A State Government Report Card


If the State Government was a student sitting for their final exams, we'd have pretty grave concerns about their progress, particularly in the areas of math, accounting and social sciences. The State Government is failing in areas that are affecting the lives of West Australians and do not seem to have a plan for moving forward. 

While the following is written somewhat tongue-in-cheek [we know our teachers would never write comments like these], the underlying concern is that Colin Barnett and his ministers can and must do better for the State, but won't.

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Water privatisation future opposed

Save_our_Water.png Unions_WA_Col_Logo_words_only_v5.jpg UnionsWA-SOS_RGB-STACK.jpg

As part of new group, Save Our Water Save Our Future, UnionsWA has today launched the first of several online advertisements that will reach 200,000 West Australians and emails directly to over 11,000 existing supporters to raise awareness about future risks if the WA Government privatises water.

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Get your Morley/Mt Lawley area school report


Have you heard about the funding cuts to schools in the Morley and Mt Lawley area? These reports are a 'must-have' for anyone who wants a good education for all kids in WA.


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Doctor, doctor - give me the news...


Serco, privatisation and Fiona Stanley Hospital - a recipe for disaster?

A survey of almost 700 doctors has highlighted their concerns about the ineffective handling of operational matters at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) and how it is affecting patient care. The survey shows that "more than 60 per cent of senior doctors felt the hospital's commissioning was managed poorly or very poorly". There is concern that patient care at FSH is being compromised with 19% surveyed believing it "presents significant dangers".

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We know TAFE Works


For many, training provided by TAFE is their best or only chance for a better job.  Our campaign late last year told us that there is concern about rising course fees and cuts to course options.

But the fight isn't over. 

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Hospital patients - "fibbers" or fed-up?


The West has accused some of the 54,000 people waiting for a medical appointment of resorting to lying to get on multiple wait-lists ("Patients lie to jump surgery queue", 29 June 2015).  The blaming continues with accusations of using false addresses to get duplicate referrals as well as "hospital shopping".

Our question is: Why is there a need to resort to such desperate measures?

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No funding? Let's privatise.


Recent stories in the media regarding the Barnett government's plans for Royal Perth Hospital are throwing up a few all-too-familiar red flags. With an election promise to retain and redevelop RPH but with no money to do it, it seems the Premier is turning to his familiar strategy of privatisation to plug the many holes in his rhetoric - and budget.

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Next moves on school cuts?

Did you see this report in The West that public schools will lose even more in funding under the Orwellian "Workforce renewal policy"?


It is getting pretty hard to work out, in real terms, how much is being lost in school funding. 

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Budget - job and service cuts, fees up & an assets garage sale

Save Our Services and UnionsWA today commented on the release of the 2015 WA state budget including wide-ranging job and services cuts, huge increases in fees and charges and the sale of public assets.


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School. What you should know.

Isn't giving our kids a good education the most important thing?

There's been a lot in the media lately about schools, cuts to funding, the coming WA Budget.

First, check out what Carly has to say. It's a reality check.