A discriminating review?

Discrimination can happen anywhere - at work, in the street, when purchasing goods or services.  

Discrimination hates diversity.  Gender, age, race, disability, sexuality; members of religious, political and union movements are often the target.  So what are the risks from the Barnett Government’s review of discrimination protections and associated public services?

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Privatisation tragedy and drama

Fraud, superbugs and power politics. Welcome to the Barnett’s world of privatisation. Why has Save Our Services taken the decision is has on the election?

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The profit and loss of skills

How do we lose when profits drive skills? Why are tradies and TAFE lecturers campaigning against TAFE cuts and privatisation plans?

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It's All About Priorities

WA The Wait A While State

Safety in numbers?

Community safety issues – policing and prisons – are often issues in an election year, as recent reports highlight.  Polling shows that the Barnett Government is heading for victory, but are they safe?

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A special season's message

This is the season when most of us get to enjoy time with family and friends.  In the spirit of the season, spare a thought for those who miss out.

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Renovating or building?

Whether you’re building or renovating a home or an economy, you need to know how to find a good tradie. Where to start?

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RAC calls foul on broken promise

The RAC has called foul on money dedicated to improving our roads being diverted to cover administration. Another transportation broken promise by the Barnett Government.  Another example of policy congestion, bad decisions and the wrong priorities.

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