Privatisation campaign launch

Following the rejection of public asset sales and privatisations through the recent Queensland election, UnionsWA has launched a new Save Our Services anti-privatisation campaign.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA and Save Our Services spokesperson said:

“The Queensland election was a reminder that Australians value our public assets and services. West Australians also reject this obsession with selling public assets and privatising services, but the WA Government isn’t listening. This new campaign involves research and public education activities about the privatisation agenda in WA as well as targeted appeals for direct action on specific asset sales and privatisations.

“Today we’ve released a detailed analysis of WA Government finances, ‘Beyond a one trick pony economy? The Western Australian Government’s Mid-Year Financial Projections Statement 2014-15’ by respected consulting firm, BIS Shrapnel. In that report BIS Shrapnel concludes in part, quote: “The operating deficit would have been $250m higher had the Government not extracted additional dividends from its utilities, highlighting privatisation does not necessarily provide a solution to the budget problems; it may worsen them.”

 “Services to the public can also be compromised, for example the failed Midland Hospital privatisation has meant that termination and contraceptive services for women and couples will not be provided on site.  This campaign has promoted and launched an online petition to raise awareness and calling on the Government to address this issue before the existing pubic hospital is closed.

“Today we have also launched a video summarising the recent history of privatisation in WA. It is a woeful story. At a time when we can least afford it, WA has lost millions on the botched Fiona Stanley Hospital privatisation. The sale of public assets such as the Kwinana and Pilbara ports and the TAB will deny WA revenue needed for public services such as our schools.

“Vulnerable West Australians are often singled out, being the victims of privatised public housing maintenance, prisons, parole and probation services as well as disability services.”

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Watch the video here

Read the full BIS Shrapnel report here