Western Power

Facts on electricity privatisation

What’s clear is that the proposed privatisation of Western Power is all about fixing the WA Government’s budget problem, a problem of the government’s own making.

Instead of focusing on managing this large public asset well, the government has sought a short-term fix, in doing so creating a long-term problem for us all.

If Western Power is privatised, control is lost – what happens when something goes wrong? The public ends up picking up the mess.

It's happen over east so we have quite a few facts about electricity privatisation. Here are some of them.

#1. Increased prices

Almost by instinct, most of us get that privatising our electricity will mean we pay more.  And it does. However, are some important details behind that which is worth thinking about. Competition policy began to rollout from the mid-1990’s and this included the establishment of the National Electricity Market, which, for important reasons, didn't fully extend to WA. Read more here...

#2. Our economy, jobs and apprenticeships

Of course the place gets a spruce up before auction, any home buyer and seller knows that. So, no surprises that just before selling public electricity, governments dismiss employees to make the cost side of the books look more profitable to a potential buyer. Maybe you’d be surprised to know about some other important job loss (and some growth) data resulting from privatisation.  Read more here...

#3. Maintenance, safety and reliability

Private companies have a profit-incentive to reduce immediate costs, even if there are costs on the long run.  This was most tragically highlighted through Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires, which left 150 people dead, found that faulty privatised power lines were responsible for causing five of the most devastating blazes.  Read more here... 

#4. Doesn't make financial sense

Research by Orion Consulting Services of the 2016 WA Budget estimated that Western Power contributes over $400 million a year in revenue.  Those funds to the WA Government go towards services such as local schools, hospitals and roads. Read more here... 

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