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With the release of Transport @ 3.5 million, the Barnett government seems to have a lot of imagination but few practical strategies for implementing even the transport options it took to the 2008 election, let alone 2013. Given some butcher paper and a packet of Textas, the government has come up with a lovely plan, none of it costed or actually part of their policy.

Dealing with transport and traffic issues is a challenge. It's political and complicated. But drawing up plans for 'some day' instead of dealing with the issues facing us today is frustrating for us having to cope with increased cars on the roads, overcrowded trains and broken promises.

We've had a bit of fun with the Transport @ 3.5million report but it's time to get serious.

We want to hear from you - we know that when we're stuck in traffic, all we can think about is how we'd fix it.

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Transport @ 3.5million

You can have a look at the plans the Barnett government have for 2050. And still no Ellenbrook link...

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