Stop TAFE fee increases, Mr Barnett!


I don’t come from a wealthy background. I got my start in working life with a pre-apprenticeship course at TAFE.  I worry that if our kids today can’t afford TAFE, then they can’t make the best choices for the future. Please sign my petition to stop TAFE fee increases.” Grant Woollard   

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Save Our Services and TAFEWorks have joined together to fight TAFE fee increases and support Grant's petition. 

Over the past two years, TAFE fees have risen by up to 500% although they are already unaffordable for many.

Premier Colin Barnett and Minister for Training Liza Harvey have not yet set the fees for 2016 so now is the time to stand up for those who need access to the training they need to get a job. Please sign Grant's petition below to get the message to the Barnett government to stop the increases to TAFE fees!

Want to learn more? For further information on local jobs and skills, including details of TAFE fees, click here to download your local area report.


Mr Barnett and Ms Harvey,

I sign this petition to demand that TAFE course fees do not increase further in 2016, to lower TAFE course fees to affordable levels and restore government funding to TAFE colleges so that every West Australian can afford access to a high quality vocational education. High fees have increased debt for trainees, apprentices and their families and discouraged many from undertaking job training at a time when unemployment is rising. I call on you to stop these fee increases.


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