WorkSafe Cuts

We all want our family members to come home safe at the end of a working day. Some of us have experienced close calls or witnessed them happen to others. Some of us have lost friends or family to workplace accidents. With cuts to WorkSafe, health and safety is at risk. There are many ways you can help.

Sign and share our petition - sponsored by SOS supporter, Neil Byrne, the petition urges the Barnett Government to reconsider the cuts to Worksafe. We have succeeded in saving some important education and prevention jobs, but the proposed cuts to 10 Worksafe Inspectors are still planned to go ahead.

Support our Worksafe ad campaign - make a contribution to help get our video out there to a larger audience. Many West Australians are not aware of the planned cuts to WorkSafe. If we keep up the pressure it’s not too late to get those cuts overturned as well. We can help prevent injury and loss of life by raising awareness and explaining the consequences for family, friends and coworkers. 

Complete our WorkSafe survey so we can hear your story. We've heard Neil's story and Karen's story - what's yours?

Find our more about the WorkSafe cuts in detail. It's not too late to overturn these proposed cuts.

We need to make sure WorkSafe is kept safe - for all of us.