Don't cut WorkSafe petition


When family leave for work, you want them to return safely. 

"Naturally, at my age I have experienced grief and loss.

"Over my working life as a Mechanical Fitter in the power industry, I've witnessed work injuries and fatalities that should not have happened.

"I'm coming out of retirement to fight the cuts to WorkSafe inspectors and other vital staff in WA.

"WorkSafe staff have not yet been made redundant, so if we act now we can overturn this terrible decision.

"Our workforce is growing with many in hazardous jobs.

"Please sign the petition and share with co-workers, family and friends.

"It's their safety, health or life that you can help protect."

Neil Byrne

If you want to support this campaign further, please consider contributing to our campaign to get our Cuts to Worksafe video out to a larger audience. You can pledge your support here.

We also need to hear your stories. Our Work Health and Safety survey can be completed here.

Premier Barnett, I sign this petition to oppose the cuts to WorkSafe, including the loss of ten WorkSafe inspectors and other staff. These cuts will diminish the capacity of WorkSafe to prevent work injuries and fatalities. 


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