Stop "Park 'n Ride" Privatisation


I don't think privatisation adds up. There are job losses and I fear, pretty soon we'll all be paying more."

Denise Mercer
Working Mum and Park 'n Ride Commuter

Transport Minister Nalder is considering whether or not to privatise Public Transport Authority (PTA) Parking Inspectors.  The real fear is that privatisation will lead to increased parking fees and fines as well as job losses. In a recent media report, a PTA spokesperson said: "It is important to note no final decision has been made about the future of the staff.”  We can stop this privatisation.

Train station parking is on public land to allow access to public transport. We can hold the government to account for the real costs of privatisation.

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Transport Minister Nalder,

We are opposed to the privatisation of train station parking attendants.  They help manage public land use for use of public transport.  As well as the loss of their jobs, we are concerned that a take over by a private company will increase pressure to put up parking fees and fines by more. 

We call on you to stop this privatisation.



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