Time to stop privatisation

Countdown to WA Election 2017


It's time to get the message out there that the Barnett government must stop privatisation and public asset sales. With WA State Budget very soon, followed in less than a year by the state election, now is the time to really put the pressure on.

Our hospitals have been privatised, our prisons privatised, the construction arm of the Water Corporation has been sold to business, the 'for sale' sign is out for our ports. It's our electricity next.  

Will you send a message to stop privatisation?

There are a few ways you can participate. 

Privatisation costs our future. While some businesses gain, the public loses. And we lose in so many ways: from the loss of accountability and transparency, the loss of service quality and the loss of revenue for services. We then bear the inevitable higher costs of services - companies are there to make a profit.  You can read more about the reasons for our #time2stopprivatisation campaign here.