Water privatisation future opposed

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As part of new group, Save Our Water Save Our Future, UnionsWA has today launched the first of several online advertisements that will reach 200,000 West Australians and emails directly to over 11,000 existing supporters to raise awareness about future risks if the WA Government privatises water.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA and Save Our Services spokesperson said:

“Recently WA has experienced a record breaking heat wave, calls for tighter water restrictions and yet another burst water mains.

“Privatising our drinking water is the wrong solution to Colin Barnett's debt problem.

“We need investment for our future, investments that the business sector won’t make under privatisation.

“When asked, the public oppose privatisations.

“Yet the government choose to ignore the long term public interest and instead chase short term profits.

Rikki Hendon, Assistant Secretary, CPSU-CSA said:

“Late last year the Barnett Government sold off the Water Corporation’s construction arm.

“More recently, the Turnbull Government has threatened to reduce GST grants to WA unless even more public assets and services are privatised.

“As with mooted electricity privatisation and the mismanagement and cost blowouts of the Fiona Stanley Hospital privatisation, these are issues that rightly concern West Australians and that we will work to raise in the months and years leading up to the 2017 WA election.”

Further information

This initial stage of the Save Our Water Save Our Future advertisements begin today with the release of the first of several online videos that will reach 200,000 West Australians as well as emails to over 11,000 existing supporters seeking support for an online petition.

Full details are available here.