We know TAFE Works


For many, training provided by TAFE is their best or only chance for a better job.  Our campaign late last year told us that there is concern about rising course fees and cuts to course options.

But the fight isn't over. 

Our friends at the State School Teachers' Union of WA (SSTUWA) have launched a campaign called TAFE Works. To continue the momentum of National TAFE Day, celebrated on 24 June, we invite you to find out more about the continuing campaign to protect TAFE from further cuts.

Watch the video below - what you hear might shock you. Along with cuts to courses, the fee increases are just astronomical and beyond the reach of those relying on TAFE for ongoing training, upskilling and the hope of getting a qualification to get a job.

A recent report by the WA Auditor General found that the Training Accreditation Council (TAC) identified that 35% of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs - mostly private sector providers) were either significantly or critically non-compliant with the national standards. However, we know that TAFE works

These RTOs are broken - TAFE is not.

Email the Premier and let him know that the push to privatise tertiary education is just wrong. Sign this petition if you, or any of your friends or family are relying on TAFE.

But most importantly, please take some action now.

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