Next moves on school cuts?

Did you see this report in The West that public schools will lose even more in funding under the Orwellian "Workforce renewal policy"?


It is getting pretty hard to work out, in real terms, how much is being lost in school funding. 

Which is why we are about to release online research reports on school funding.   


We know that funding cuts have affected our schools. In the past couple of weeks, you might have seen our Facebook posts about Carly and Liz.

Carly is a teacher who is facing the reality of cuts to educational assistants.

Liz is a parent of two boys in public school and knows first-hand how funding is affecting families' abilities to afford new uniforms and contribute to fund-raising for essential school equipment.


Watch out for Sue Pethick, she's a parent and long-time school board member and our advocate who knows that good information makes for better decisions.