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Save Our Services is a community-based organisation, led by public sector unions. We are work to ensure better public services for all West Australians.

The Barnett government has mismanaged our WA's finances, missed the opportunities of the resources boom and is pursuing short term savigns from cuts and privatisation, but at a longer term cost. 

Our campaigns include actions on school funding cuts, privatisation of our health and hospitals, protecting our public assets, such as Western Power and our water utilities.

We've prepared a number of reports and tools to help you see how persistent cuts are affecting us and our kids' future.

School Cuts

Organised by electorate, you can read about school funding in your area. See who are the winners and losers.

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Jobs and Skills Reports

In our reports you'll find local information about jobs, skills and training.

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We listen and value our supporters.

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Learn more about our activities

Outline of current and recent past campaigns and activities by Save Our Services. 

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