Better Decisions

The Barnett Government has prioritised the building of big inner city projects but we need better decisions to support our important public services.

Better decisions for improved services begin with having the right priorities. 

Has the Barnett Government got the priorities right for you?  Consider the facts.

The WA Government is undertaking a number of big inner city building projects, including:

  • the Elizabeth Quay and associated works in the city at a cost of over half a billion of public funding;

  • the Burswood Football Stadium at an estimated cost of up to $1.2 billion.

At the same time the Government has:

  • Neglected mental health services. According to Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry mental health services in WA are the worst in Australia and doctors in WA have recently warned of the dangers of mental health service under-funding;

  • Rising essential costs of living. Electricity costs are up 62% since the Barnett Government came to office and rents for homes and units have risen 10 times the national average and are up in Perth by 15.4% in the past year. 

Of course, Government is not a bottomless pit for spending public money.  That’s why priorities are so important.  Public money that goes towards building new corporate offices is money that cannot be used for better local services.