TAFE fee documents

At the time of publishing the local jobs and skill reports, TAFE fee levels for 2016 had not been issued.  The source documents for the figures about TAFE fees are available below. Some were available for both 2013 and 2015, others for 2015 only. The reports present average fee amounts by qualification level and study area.  The spreadsheet used are freely available upon request by email to [email protected] A summary of the overall TAFE fee policy from 2013 and after is available here.

TAFE institute fee documents:

Central Institute of Technology, 2013 (predicted fees for 2014 and after were not used)

Central Institute of Technology, 2015

Challenger Institute of Technology, 2013

Challenger Institute of Technology, 2015

West Coast Institute, 2015

Polytechnic West, 2015