Start spreading the news...

This week, the SOS campaign launched a series of TV ads. While we’re quite excited about the new ad campaign, we’re far more excited about this, our new website.

While big corporations like Chevron may have (waaaaay!) bigger media budgets than us, we have you and a new website with a ‘share’ button!  

While we wouldn’t mind Chevron’s media budget, an advantage we have is that we have supporters who care and we have a broader community who we know feel strongly about the issues we’re campaigning on. We just need to let them know about what we’re doing.

The site has been set up to allow you to have more input into the campaign and to enable you to share information with your friends, family and colleagues.

You can sign into the website via facebook or twitter so you can more easily share things that interest you with your networks.

You can like and share our new TV ads, blog posts, information on specific topics. And very importantly, you can invite your friends to join the campaign.

So please, sign on, ‘like’ and share what you see and let us know what you think of the new site.

Our public services are too important not to.

PS. Last week, activists from the Save Our Hospital Action Group were at the Royal Perth Show talking to people about hospital privatisation and they had over 5,000 people sign their petition opposing privatisation and many passionate conversations with concerned community members.

We know that people care about these issues. We now need to let them know how they can be part of the campaign for better decisions to ensure quality public services for everyone in WA.