no service cuts

Despite record mining royalties, the State Government continues to make cuts to services we all depend on such as community safety, health and education. 

Over the last year our population grew by 73,000 yet the WA Government continues to underfund important public infrastructure and services.

If we are to have quality services then funding needs to match community needs.

On income and funding the key facts are as follows:

Matching and meeting community needs for services needs to take into account WA's rapid population growth. With WA growing by an average of  1,400 people each week over the past year, that means more demand for school, health and other services, more congestion on our roads and public transport.

Instead, we have services being cut and underfunded.

Budget cuts have affected all aspects of the public sector including the following areas:

WA is a wealthy and rapidly growing state. Instead of ensuring our services are adequately resourced to keep up, Premier Barnett has been cutting services that the community depends on.

The State Government can afford to do better.