Quarter billion dollar public land rush sale – a property developer dream?

UnionsWA has questioned today’s announcement by the Barnett Government that it will sell public land estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“We can only sell the family silver once so this land rush sale needs to be questioned.

“To what use will be these land sales be put?

“Property developers will want to build high-end apartments but will this do anything to improve housing affordability in Perth?

“Will property developers be required to ensure that some housing can be afforded by those who need easy access to public hospitals, schools and transportation that are more easily accessed from land such as these close to the inner-city?

“The Barnett Government is focused on funding its' inner-city vanity projects.

“Historically governments tend to own more land in the inner-city rather than in the suburbs where most people now live.

“Some sales might be justified, but will the proceeds go towards acquiring land for public use in our growing outer-suburbs?

“Since the Barnett Government came to office in 2008 WA’s population has grown by 413,000 and the state finances are in a mess.

“We need long term solutions, not a one-off, short term band aid.

“Our resources have been sold off too cheaply and the boom has harmed other parts of our economy, particularly manufacturing.

“We need a more diverse and stronger economy, with revenues able to match our growing population."