Privatisation tragedy and drama

Fraud, superbugs and power politics. Welcome to the Barnett’s world of privatisation. Why has Save Our Services taken the decision is has on the election?

In these final days leading to the WA state election, Save Our Services is highlighting Colin Barnett’s privatisation agenda.

The Barnett Government has put profits before patients by pursuing a radical agenda for the privatisation of WA’s hospitals.

Colin Barnett has privatised 31 services at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital and has fully privatised the new Midland Health Campus, where the operator is refusing to provide some services. Even prisons have been privatised.

What’s next?

University of WA Professor Thomas Riley has warned that: "In WA we were seeing about 40 reports of hospital infections a month until about July last year and then all of sudden it has gone upwards, and we're up around 100 cases a month." So does it make sense to privatise hospital cleaning?

There have been serious allegations of fraud associated with the privatisation of Homeswest maintenance and health services.

Save Our Service has clearly defined aims and we’ve put these to the major parties well in advance of the election. WA Labor and The Greens WA have signed on to our plan for services , the Liberals and Nationals have not.

So on election day we urge you to support those parties that support services, and put last those that don’t.