Ports & market privatisation will mean higher prices for consumers

Meredith Hammat, Save Our Services spokesperson and Secretary UnionsWA today commented on the announcement by the Barnett Government that it will privatise ports and the Market City.


“The math is simple – privatisation of ports and our main fresh food market will mean profits have to be generated and passed on to WA consumers through even higher prices.

“We can only sell the family silver once and Barnett wants blow the money to pay for his inner-city vanity projects.

“Privatisation not only means more profit has to be made, there is also less transparency.

“Large assets often require investment to function profitably and safely over the long term.

“The risk is that a private provider will increase user charges, try to cut wages, safety and other conditions as well as delay infrastructure investment.

“The state finances are in a mess.

“We need long term solutions, not a one-off, short term band aid.

“Our resources have been sold off too cheaply and the boom has harmed other parts of our economy, particularly manufacturing.

“We need a more diverse and stronger economy, with revenues able to match our growing population.

“Since the Barnett Government came to office in 2008 WA’s population has grown by 413,000.”