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Premier Colin Barnett and National Party Leader Minister Brendon Grylls have both refused to sign on to the Save Our Services Action Plan in support of quality public services for Western Australians. On top of this, they and their Liberal and National Party colleagues voted against a Bill to prevent further privatisation of WA’s public hospitals. Urge them to reconsider their positions and support quality public services by adding your name to the petition below.

To Premier Colin Barnett and Minister Brendon Grylls

You have decided not to support the Save Our Services Action Plan. We petition you to reconsider.

We believe that the scope and quality of public services should be central to the policies that you present to West Australians during the 2013 WA state election.

The growing population of Western Australia means that funding for services and infrastructure must grow. All West Australians deserve to benefit from the very significant funds flowing to the WA Government from mining royalties.

Good public services rely on a strong public sector workforce.

To keep pace with the high and rising costs of living in WA wages for those in the public sector workforce need to improve. Doing so will help us to retain experience and expertise and improve services to the public of WA.

At present public services in our schools, hospitals and mental health services, public transport and public roads as well as housing and service supports for vulnerable families and children are struggling.

We believe that public delivery of services improves accountability and helps ensure that services are delivered in ways and where they are needed rather than to maximise profits. This is particularly important to ensure quality services across all regions of WA, not just in Perth. We oppose the privatisation and out-sourcing of public services and urge you to do the same.

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