$150m IT Blowout

150m IT blowout

Do you remember when then Under-Treasurer Tim Marney testified before a parliamentary committee that he believed that Fiona Stanley Hospital's beleagured IT problems required an additional $50million to get the system up to scratch?


This was on top of an already significant $100million injection of funds beyond the budgeted amount. In all, it was estimated that the project went over budget by up to $330million at the time.

With accusations of cover-ups of the blow-out, the catch up to get its IT online and create a 'paperless' hospital contributed to the six-month delay in opening the hospital. 

To quote Mr Marney, "You never do big bang,” he warned. “Because big bang goes boom!”

This is the result of the Barnett government's rampant agenda of privatisation. Putting profit before people is never the best long-term solution.

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