How can you support us?

There are many ways you can support our important work.

Social Media

Being an online supporter of Save Our Services is really important. We use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to get our messages out there to supporters and their online connections. While it might seem like a casual action to you, liking or sharing a post or sharing a video is really meaningful as it sends a message to your friends and followers that you think the issue is important. And making a comment on one of our posts is a great way of letting us know where we've gotten it right - or wrong.

Find us on social media - click on the icons below to become part of the conversation.

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If you've signed onto our website, signed one of our petitions or participated in a survey, you are most likely on our mailing list. When we do send emails - usually as follow-ups to those actions - we take all care to make sure that the content is relevant to your interests. Sometimes the rate of emails can increase due to an issue becoming urgent or we think you need updating on an important issue.

Emails are a really powerful tool for us in communicating with supporters. A direct email to those who support our work can be very effective. If you know of friends, colleagues and family who share your interests, please encourage them to check out Save Our Services and sign-up for email and other updates themselves.

Within every communication is the option to unsubscribe. But before you do, consider contacting us to let us know how we can do better.


We have many different opportunities for volunteers - from administrative to online support, distributing material in letterboxes or at train stations or making calls to supporters. We provide training and support as needed.  If you're interested in giving some time to this important campaign, read more about how you can participate here


When an issue is gaining traction, we will ask our supporters to make donations to a specific action. Sometimes it's running an advert in a local newspaper or paying to promote a video on YouTube. A few extra dollars can make a huge difference.  Our payment system and details for donations is currently under construction.  However we have a written donation refund and privacy policy which can be view here.

Do you have any suggestions?

We're always happy to get suggestions or comments - you can email us at [email protected].