Get your Morley/Mt Lawley area school report


Have you heard about the funding cuts to schools in the Morley and Mt Lawley area? These reports are a 'must-have' for anyone who wants a good education for all kids in WA.


Download the report for Morley area schools here



Download the report for Mt Lawley area school here


In conjunction with Putting Our Kids First, we have compiled detailed financial "report cards" for almost 700 schools statewide, giving you an insight into how funding cuts have been spread across your local area. 


"These reports are a 'must-have' for anyone who wants a good education for all kids in WA. Most schools have lost, a few have won. How did your school fare?" 
Sue Pethick, parent and school board member.  

Interested in the research methods and sources we used?  Get those here

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There may be other school reports that are of interest you or your friends and family. Here is the link to the full site with all 693 reports compiled by district. Access other reports by entering the postcode of the school of interest.