Get the full story on education cuts

Save Our Services and Putting Our Kids are initiatives led by public sector unions and working collaboratively with community groups and interested individuals. Over the past few weeks, you might have seen Carly-Jo, Liz and Sue on your Facebook feed, giving their stories about how schools cuts are affecting them, their children and students. 

In this video Carly-Jo Stewart, public school teacher, gives us glimpse of her working week on behalf of our kids.


“I'm a working mum with two kids in public school," says Liz Whiting, the parent of two public school students. "I volunteer in the uniform shop when I can. Lots of families are under pressure to afford new uniforms as well as contribute to school fundraising. I care about all kids getting a better education. We've come off the biggest boom in the State’s history yet school funding keeps getting cut in so many ways." 

SOS_POKF_Sue_FB_rect3.jpg"These reports are a 'must-have' for anyone who wants a good education for all kids in WA. Most schools have lost, a few have won. How did your school fare?" Sue Pethick, parent and school board member.  

They all believe that cuts to education will adversely affect our kids' opportunities for a better future.

In conjunction with Putting Our Kids First, we have compiled detailed financial "report cards" for almost 700 schools statewide, giving you an insight into how funding cuts have been spread across your local area.  Interested in the research methods and sources we used?  Get those and see what Professor Hayward said about our approach here.

Want to know more about our activities? Check out the Save Our Services and Putting Our Kids First Facebook pages. 

Overall we've found that between 2013 and 2015 there's been an average cut of $520 per student - in a typical classroom of around 25 students that means that today there are $25,000 less in funding than two years ago. 

Download your school report here