Fighting back at the Emperor

The Save Our Services campaign, a community initiative led by UnionsWA with support from public sector unions and community members, has today launched the first of thirty videos to be promoted online over the coming months and years. Check out the video here:


Meredith Hammat, Spokesperson for Save Our Services said:

“Premier Barnett might whinge about his “Emperor” label, but too bad, we’re keeping it.

“He started breaking election promises as soon as he was re-elected.

“He has cut schools funding, cut the Seniors Cost of Living Allowance and fixed public sector wages while increasing MP pay as well as privatising our hospitals at great cost.

“Much of this is built on misleading and incomplete information about the WA State Budget.

“The Save Our Services group commissioned respected consulting firm BIS Shrapnel to undertake a detailed analysis of the WA State Budget.

“This video summarises those findings in a humorous and straight-forward manner.

“It is the first of a series of thirty videos to be released and promoted online.

“We want people to have the full story about WAs budget and public services. 

“Yes, Colin still wears the Emperors’ gown and crown.

“Seriously, in real terms mining royalties have tripled over the past six years, but GST cuts have been far less than this.

“Overall, adding cost increases, charges and all Commonwealth grants, income to WA has increased.

“Total revenue in real terms has increase by 26% while WA’s population has grown by only 19%.

“Contrary to claims by the Premier, public sector wages in WA are not rising significantly when compared with other State and Territories in Australia and remain well below private sector wages.

“The Premier has capped public sector wages while allowing large increases to MP pay.

“Budget papers need to reflect all costs and revenues and in way that they do not at present.”

Links and resources

The Save Our Services Budget analysis it is available here and the full BIS Shrapnel Reports are available here and here.

The video is available on Vimepro (including downloadable in varying quality versions: here:

as well as on YouTube here: