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Serco, privatisation and Fiona Stanley Hospital - a recipe for disaster?

A survey of almost 700 doctors has highlighted their concerns about the ineffective handling of operational matters at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) and how it is affecting patient care. The survey shows that "more than 60 per cent of senior doctors felt the hospital's commissioning was managed poorly or very poorly". There is concern that patient care at FSH is being compromised with 19% surveyed believing it "presents significant dangers".

Who can forget the Serco stories about escaped prisoners and the bungled sterilisation processes.  Is this the plot line from a screwball comedy? It might be funny if it weren't deathly serious.

When is this going to stop?

When is the Barnett government going to stop making excuse after excuse?

Serco has been fined and they've had key services taken away from their management.  The end result is that there is now such a mash-up of service providers at FSH and it's hard to know now who is running what.

This is beyond "teething issues".

There is a parliamentary inquiry being conducted into the running of the hospital and we'll be very interested to hear the findings. That there has had to be a parliamentary inquiry called for a hospital that has been open barely 18 months is, in itself, a disgrace.

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