"Can do better": A State Government Report Card


If the State Government was a student sitting for their final exams, we'd have pretty grave concerns about their progress, particularly in the areas of math, accounting and social sciences. The State Government is failing in areas that are affecting the lives of West Australians and do not seem to have a plan for moving forward. 

While the following is written somewhat tongue-in-cheek [we know our teachers would never write comments like these], the underlying concern is that Colin Barnett and his ministers can and must do better for the State, but won't.

MAY 2016

It has come to our attention that in the past 24 hours, there have been a few issues of concern with this student. Combined with a disappointing performance in many subject areas, we believe that an interim report card is required to update you on their lack of progress. 

When we addressed the student directly, there was a disturbing lack of acknowledgement of our concerns. The student kept blaming others for their behaviour, which is an indication of immaturity and lack of empathy. We are concerned that the student is ill-equipped to continue with these responsibilities and that some urgent measures must be taken...

The following reports of behaviour in the preceding 24 hours have prompted this communication:

Perth Children's Hospital: Doubt remains over opening date

Perth Stadium to cost taxpayers more than $50m in first year of operation 

Elizabeth Quay $1.7m two month operating cost slammed by Opposition

And then we have this:

WA Premier Colin Barnett would step aside rather than face spill

The tone of voice in this report leads us to believe that that student and their peers have a bully-victim relationship. This is deeply concerning and we believe is not a healthy state of affairs. 


There are also concerns in many subject areas:

Accounting and Finance (Humanities and Social Sciences)

There are real concerns that basic concepts of addition and subtraction have not been grasped. It seems that the student is unable to make basic computations and has issues with even entry-level principles of accounting practice. 

We recommend that the student undergo some remedial math courses and possibly engage a tutor.

Business Management and Enterprise (Humanities and Social Sciences)

While the student has great initiatives and enthusiasm with the implementation of ideas, project management skills are lacking. Being able to plan and implement a project to completion seems beyond this student's skill-set.

Economics (Humanities and Social Sciences)

We recommend revision of this subject matter as despite the student having extensive experience in this field, it seems that there has been a breakdown in application of knowledge.

Building and Construction (Technologies)

This is one of the most disappointing outcomes for the student. Management of budgets and cost blowouts for their projects has resulted in a failed grade. Unfortunately there appears to be a trend with these behaviours occurring over multiple opportunities with no improvement.

General comments:

The student seems to be in a fair degree of denial over their shortcomings and we have witnessed some alarming behaviours as a result. There is an inbuilt belligerence and refusal to acknowledge the consequences of their actions. 

Grade: F - An intervention is recommended. Scheduled for 11 March 2017.

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