Ad launch as doctors warn of cut risks

It’s no coincidence that just as Channel 10 News reported on the launch of the new Save Our Services (see here), doctors in WA have warned that Budget cuts to health will put lives at risk.

No coincidence because the cuts made this year by the Barnett Government are so severe and widespread that reports just keep coming in of their impact. Last week police warned of the dangers to community safety from Budget cuts. Of course it’s relatively easy for doctors and police to get media attention to cuts in their areas, which of course are important.

But how do we spread the word about Budget cuts in other important areas such as child protection, transportation infrastructure and hospital privatisation?

The Government has tried to spin that the cuts won't affect services. Doctors and police don't believe him.

Won’t cuts to public administration mean less accountability, less staff training and poorer oversight of public money and ultimately poorer services?

Do you think the Save Our Services ads are getting out the right message?