7 things you need to know about work health and safety

The good news?  Generally, work fatalities Australia-wide have been on a long term decline.

The bad news will be a shock for many. Work fatalities in WA are rising.  Who is at greatest risk?


Work fatalities: incident rate per 100,000 workers, WA and Australia, 2008 to 2013

Here are seven facts we should all know about health and safety at work:

  1. Men are ten times more likely than women to die through a work fatality.
  2. Work fatalities rates increase with age - those area over 65 years are eight times more likely to die through a work fatality than those aged under 25 years.
  3. The rate of work fatalities among those who a self-employed is three time that of those who are employees.
  4. Two thirds of work fatalities involve a vehicle.
  5. The worst industry for work fatalities is agriculture, forestry and fishing.
  6. The next worst industry for work fatalities is transport, postal and warehousing.
  7. The third worst industry for work fatalities is construction.

These facts are from the most reliable source for work fatality data, is provided by Safe Work Australia. the full report is available here.